A.Salazar – Here We Go (STPR085) / OUT 13TH APRIL 2015


Southpark Records continues his journey in the music industry with this new fantastic release by the spanish talent A.Salazar!

His track called “Here We Go” is a groovy magic trip with a perfect and addictive bassline that makes this track very efficient on the floor! To complete this great package we entrusted 2 remixes very cool! The first by the Italian talent Gianni Firmaio (Owner of Mushroom Smile Records), is a tech bomb! No more words needed to describe it! The second remix entrusted to the Spanish killers Guti Legatto & Richard Cleber (Tres 14 Music), is an irresistible strong version ready for the underground movement!

3 fantastic versions for this great package out the 13th april 2015. Can’t wait for these bombs! Don’t miss it!

Thanks for your continues support!

Check it out!

Release date: 13th april 2015

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