Alex Pro

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Alex Pro, aka Sacha Battipaglia, was born in Locarno (Switzerland) in 1980.

Since childhood he could cultivate passion for music thanks to his parents, and seasoned dancers. Discovers the love for electronic music in the early ’90 and in 1994 began mixing manifesting great influence immediately for Acid Techno. In 1996 began his career as dj and starting to play in some locations in the area, and over the years, establishing itself in Switzerland.

The largest rolled him recognition in 2004 by winning the contest Heineken Thirst Swiss playing with Dj Tiësto. The energy expressed in sound and precision in mixing are the characteristics that led him to become a feeder of the Dancefloor.

In 2010 has started to try the world productions thanks to his friends Dave Martins and Kenny Ground. This collaboration resulted in November 2010 at the release of her first album “E-Lectronic” on Southpark Records. This was only the beginning…



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