Arno Stolz

Arno Stolz


Arno, born in 1995 in Antwerp, discovered and developed his passion for electronic music when he was 12 years old. He started dj’ing at the age of 14 on some basic material. It was then and there Arno figured out this was where he belongs. He kept on buying new gear and finetuning his technique, at first using cd’s/usb on cdj’s and later with Traktor Vinyl. After some years of rocking the decks, Arno asked himself the question “Now What?”. He felt like he reached his peak as far as dj’ing was concerned so he took on a new challenge which is producing. Like all respected dj’s these days, Arno felt the urge of creating his own tracks.
Like so many producers these days, he started with nothing more than a laptop and Ableton. Without plugins and nothing more than beats and a bassline, his productions where quite simple in the beginning. As he started perfecting his producing skills, his gear got another upgrade. With plugins, hardware and a studio computer, Arno’s producing career got an enormous boost. His hard work paid off in July ’14 when he got his first release on Blue Orb Records, immediately followed by a release on George Morel’s Groove On. His work already reached the Beatport Top 100 and was #1 on Traxsource Minimal for two weeks straight. With releases on Makossa, NoExcuse, De-Noize Records and Aella to name a few, we are sure the best is yet to come for Arno Stolz.


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