Testa Rossa & Dav Schwartz – Give It To Me / Make Me Dance (STPR058) / OUT 23 SEPTEMBER 2013

Testa Rossa is back on Southpark Records with his friend Dav Schwartz and together we deliver 2 new strong tech tracks.

“Give it to me” is a track from tech house flavor enhanced by energetic percussions and synths. The “Brekowsky Interpretation” instead looks more minimal but at the same time addictive!

The second track “Make me dance” is very rhythmic with the addition of excellent pads, synths and vocals.

The 3 tracks will come out on September 23 exclusively on Beatport.com

Thanks for your support!

Check it out!

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Undercolors – King (STPR057) / OUT 10TH SEPTEMBER 2013

After the summer Southpark Records return with a new explosive release ready for the new season!

This time we are glad to present two Gran Canaria’s young talents.

Under the name of “Undercolors” these two guys have produced this song entitled “King”, a great tech house groovy track for a wonderful release that contains 2 other mixes from Hugo Marti (Briza Music) and Thomas T (Southpark Records).

Exclusive on Beatport the 10th of september 2013.

Check it out!

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Free Download – 1 Hour mix session by Kenny Ground

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE this 1HOUR MIX SESSION mixed by KENNY GROUND that includes every track of our new release “Southpark Sampler Vol.3″

Download Here

If you are interested in some track of this session you can buy every single song on Beatport here


NEWS-Free Mix Download

Brekowsky & Jonnynes – Tarra Angena / Tolmento (STPR056) / OUT 22TH JULY 2013

We are proud to present the second release on Southpark Records of the Swiss duo “Brekowsky & Jonnynes”.

Return on Southpark with two new great tracks in their classic cool style. “Tarra Angena” & “Tolmento” are two masterpieces designed and well thought out for the most stylish nightclubs of the world.

To complete this package there’s a great remix of Leano that bombards every dancefloor! 3 tracks very interesting for this new Southpark release out July 22, 2013 exclusive on Beatport.com!

Check it out!

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Various Artists – Southpark Records Sampler Vol. 3 (STPR055) / OUT 12TH JULY 2013

Finally after many months of waiting arrives next home the Southpark Sampler Vol.3!

12 fantastic tracks selected with care that we wanted to reveal to you just now. For the summer 2013!

Many good young talent and high production for this explosive new release Southpark!

We are proud to have so many good producers on our label! Now is the time for talent!

Thanks to every artist for the good music! Southpark appreciates your work!

The super package is out exclusive on Beatport the 12th july 2013. Don’t miss it!!

Check it out!

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Stefano Kosa & Stiv Hey – Boys Make Noise (STPR054) / OUT 04TH JULY 2013

Stefano Kosa & Stiv Hey make their debut on Southpark Records with this explosive track!

“Boise Make Noise” is a techno bomb with a low exciting and involving rhythm.

These two young talents are making great progress in the music industry! This package contains a great original mix and 3 other strong remixes by Kenny Ground, Adrian Izquierdo and Biella & Astrall.

A very good release that will be on Beatport July 4, 2013. Do not miss it!

Check it out!

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Caruso (Swiss) – Tumaco (STPR053) / OUT 24TH JUNE 2013

Caruso is one of the new Switzerland tech house talent on the road!

His productions are charted and played by many great artists around the world!! His collaboration with Kenny Ground are signed with label such as, Toolroom, Deeperfect and many many others. This release confirm his big feeling for the fantastic ideas!

“Tumaco” is a wonderful masterpiece that deserves a special place in a world discography! The track contains a vocal portion of Argentina’s Mercedes Sosa famous song “Gracias a la vida,” The idea is brilliant!
5 versions that make this wonderful release complete and ready to rock the best dancefloors around the world!

Don’t miss this great masterpiece! Out exclusive on Beatport the 24th june 2013! Amazing project!! Thanks for your support!

Check it out!

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Hugo Marti & Loisan – Growing Up EP (STPR052) / OUT 14TH JUNE 2013

Southpark Records step 052.
With great pleasure we introduce two young talented producers and founders of the label “Briza Music”.

Hugo Marti & Loisan come from Barcelona and their sound proves to be of great quality and creativity as these great tracks that are part of their “Growing Up EP”.

3 good tracks with a big groove, good percussion, and pure feeling. These masterpieces will come out exclusively on Beatport the 14th june 2013.

Don’t miss this fantastic Spanish sound!

Check it out!

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Kenny Ground – Les Salinas [STPR051] / OUT 06TH JUNE 2013

The summer is coming and Southpark Records releases again the masterpiece of Kenny Ground “Les Salinas” with three new remixes very very hot!

Don’t miss these tracks ready for your dj set on the beach!

Check it out!

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The Southpark Gang – The Fiftieth Step (STPR050) / OUT 24TH MAI 2013

We are very pleased to announce our release nr. 50! The Southpark family after 4 years has reached this milestone with a lot of satisfaction and for this we would like to thank all the artists who have collaborated with us in this great adventure. Thank you all!

In this release you will find 3 new tracks created with love for this special occasion.

The Southpark Gang is ready to help you discover these illegal and unreleased productions! Dave Martins, Kenny Ground & Mimanos, 3 artists for three new masterpieces.

We hope that our sound is pleasant and we wish all the best forever guys! Music = Life.

With respect, Southpark Family!

Check it out!

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STP050 The Southpark Gang - The Fiftieth Step

Adrian Izquierdo – Glassy (STPR049) / OUT 30TH APRIL 2013

Glassy is the next release of the Southpark family produced by the spanish tech house talent Adrian Izquierdo.

Adrian has already released tracks on Southpark very interesting, his style is really great for us and now is one of the best artists of our label. This new track “Glassy” is proof of the talent of Adrian.

The track includes a fantastic glass instrument that makes this song so sweet! In this release nr.049 there’s a great original mix and a powerful remix of Kenny Ground.

Out the 30th april 2013 on Beatport, stay tuned and thanks to all for your support!

Check it out!

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Dave Martins feat. Caio – Girl / Sophie (STPR048) / OUT 15TH APRIL 2013

Southpark Records is proud to present another masterpiece signed Dave Martins, one of the founders of the label.

Dave Martins was born in 1975. He discovered the world of music at a young age already influenced by many various famous artists in the dance scene of the 80ies and 90ies.
When the electronic music came into the international scene, his interest for music became a full on passion!

Along with the voice of the artist “Thomas T” in this case we find him in the guise of “Caio” and together they have produced these two tracks very very special. “Sophie” & “Girl” are two masterpieces that have a very special vocal arrangement and a great groove! Percussion, pads, synths and particular sounds are the juice of this amazing EP.
Out on Beatport the 15th april 2013.

Check it out!

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