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David was born in León one December 27, 1987, a descendant of the family of musicians, began his career at an early age in schools of music, learning to play the piano.
With the passage of time begins to acquire technical and notions of equalization, mixing etc … after a while, it starts to spin by local in your area, and decide to purchase with Monica Osmo knowledge to improving mixing and control vinyl.

Some time later a new stage, while practicing and try mixing different types and with different styles of music, channeled a style and a way of DJing fun and personal.
At this time has passed festivals like Destaye Tuning Fest, Electropool Party (León), ITA Palencia, Poliparty (Zamora, Electrochopo (San Cristobal de Entreviñas, Zamora) and Esla Music Fest (Organized by it and its brand CehMusic, event in Valencia de Don Juan, León. Besides being part of Fermaz Festival (Mazaricos, ACoruña, sharing the bill with Derrick May, James Zabiela, Hollen, Riva Star, Josh Wink, Marco Baley, Daniel Stefanik… and various artists more…

Also for different clubs, pub Spanish geography, such as Disco Bo.karoo (Valencia de Don Juan, Leon), El Torno (Medina de Rioseco, Valladolid), Graffiti, Hattrick (León), Siros (Cistierna, León),
Morbo (La Bañeza, León), Conffusion (León), Lolita (León), Boulevard (Valdevimbre, León), Spectro Music (San Cristobal de Entreviñas, Zamora), Hoom (Benvente, Zamora) Show Fame (Valladolid), Meeting Baranda (Baltanas, Palencia), Staff (Ferrol, A Coruña), Friends (Roa, Burgos), Ambigú (Cuellar, Segovia), New Level (Madrid) Insomnio (Leganes, Madrid), Tropican After (Bahia de Sant Antoni, Ibiza), New Theatre (Sevilla).

He has played with the best dj in the area as Derrick May, James Zabiela, Hollen, Riva Star, Josh Wink, Marco Baley, Daniel Stefanik David Herrero, Kazu Kimura, Darkrow, Hector Llamazares, Richi Risco, Mark Ferrer …

In 2014 David is semifinalist in the national competition of the prestigious magazine of electronic music Vicious Magazine.

In another realm their sessiones have been supported by several radio stations nationally and internationally, como Loca Fm, Radio Topox Extremadura, Dance Club Radio Show Bacelona, Planet Dance Music Radio Côte de Granada, Woh Radio (Official Broadcaster of Recomendancingroup), House Music Sound Radio, Radio zm and Mexico in Radioclubsound.
In the world of production, obtained knowledge with Christian deHugo in Indigo DjSchool Sergei Rez school in Valladolid.

Since then he has released on labels: Monique Musique, Ole Music, Patent Skillz, Soulman, Kowloon, Natura Viva, JekosMusic, Selectech… supported by artists like Luciano, Marco Carola, Riva Starr, Paco Osuna, Mr Jefferson, F .Gazza, Roger Sanchez, Level Groove, Kike Medina, Diego Amido, Dj Victor Montero, Adoo, Fabio Ferro, Nino Bua, Ovidi Adlert, Erick Le Funk, Marco Carola, Wally Lopez, Paul Say, Richie Hawtin, THE LION BROTHERS, Ozgur Uzar, Deejay Will.i, pushee, Adrian Laguna, Darkrow, Joao Ribeiro, Luca Bisori, David Herrero, Felipe Cobos, Fernando Mesa, Mario Mijatovic …

This year he start a new project with his new label “Charlotte Label”.


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