Di Riviera

Di Riviera-Artist


Enthusiastic, talented DJ, producer and engineer with a spring in his step to find his way to the top – with a little help from his friends.

At just 21 years old, Di Riviera has already shown he is a up and coming house producer. In the last 12 months he’s already been signed to numerous labels like Cubism, Deep Edition Recordings, Deso Records, Southpark Records, What Happens with f…ellow collaboration partner Jesus Pablo. but now he’s starting to come out of his shell with solo projects signed to Southpark Records and Savoir Faire Musique.

He’s slowly starting to form his own sound, think big techy stabs, deep rumbling basslines and grooves and breakdowns to make you come back for more.

His new record label, co-owned with Jesus Pablo, ‘Something Different Records’ is all up and running and is set up for its first release in October.

Currently he’s working hard on his solo productions, ReRubs and collaborations but look to the start of 2012 and you should see him spreading his wings onto the DJ circuit alot more.


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