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Fabio Vi was born in 1988 in the outskirts of Milan.

The years of his adolescence passes them by attending various clubs throughout the city. Fascinated by techno, and from what can convey to the audience, he decided to buy his first instrument. After much effort and determination begins to play, just in the clubs that had marked his adolescence. With the passage of time was fascinated to another kind, more soft and sweet, the tech house.

A few years later, driven by the desire to create something personal, he began to produce music and will be released later on labels such as: Natural Beat, Los Bandidos, Rectangle, SELECTEChouse, Tecnove, Tulipe.

In 2012 he created his own label Habla Music with the intention of promoting many young emerging that little project later will give rise to another, entrusting to friend Enrico Depandis the reins of a new label for underground music and more sophisticated, and thus comes Music HABLA limited.

In 2013 he founded together with Andrew Beat the label SKULLBUSTED born to sound more old school.


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