Francesco Delgado

Francesco Delgado


Francesco Delgado : DJ , producer , remixer , composer , or more too say a guy who really loves music!

He started producing in 2010 under No Artists No Tracks project. After signing for labels all over the europe, his career as producer & artist moved to next level and get signed by one of europe’s bigest label Toco International.

In 2012 he opens Xland Studio, and started to work as ghost producer for big international artists all over the world.After all this beautiful experience, he felt that now is the time to go really big and starts a colaboration with his german dj friend, James Braddock. Whit love for music and big experience on stage, this duo promise to leave a big footprint on the underground house music.

Their style combines the beautiful tech-house & techno rhythm with diffrent flavours from groovy house to ethic, tribal and much more influences.


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