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Franz Costa was born in Italy and from an early age proved to have an innate gift for music. At age 12, he began studying guitar at the academy. Also when He was 12 puts his hands on a turntable, it was love at first sight! He immediately started to practice with scratch and record his first mixes. Within a year he bought a console and has already planned to be a producer. His first productions, characterized by a Dance sound, made him immediately famous in the hinterland. But it is only the beginning!

At 16, his first exhibition in a club and a year later, thanks to Kroton Sound Recordings, released “Boys & Girls”, his first single which is also the first sign of his artistic metamorphosis. Franz was gradually defining his personal sound, leaving the rough sound of his first productions and slowing down the bpms to get closer to the sounds of his idols (Paco Osuna, Marco Carola, Mario Ochoa, Luciano to name a few), mixing with each other reach his sound.

His career continued with ups and downs, releasing a new track each year, up to 2012 the year of his consecration. He released “Yeah” for Avenue Recordings (Mario Ochoa’s label) and then, finally, his first EP “Yellow Bag”. Signed up for four labels: Avenue Recordings (Canada), Italica Rec (Italy), Net’s Work (Italy) and Adverso Records (Colombia). Precisely for this label releases what can be considered his most successful single “Musica Maestro” who was a resounding success and is played by the best DJs in the world, Uto Karem in the first place. Before the end of the year he releases another single titled “Fingerplay” on Avenue Recordings.

2013 begins on the wave of success of the previous year: soon after the releases of “Amnesia” and “Monotone”. He accords with Patent Skillz (Metodi Hristov’s Label) which publishes the single “Don’t Bump”. Then comes the releases of his second EP “Never” and another single called “Alma” with Jekos Music. Everything enclosed in the first 5 months of 2013.

Music speaks more than words…


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