Southpark Records 059 - Cover

“Groove Latino / 1969″

Alex Ricardo, Casari, Nik Ros
“Groove Latino / 1969″

Alex Ricardo is a young producer from the Brazilian city of Curitiba, “Groove Latino” is his last work that will appear soon on Southpark Records with this groovy release!

The original track is accompanied by a remix of ReLIVE! another young strong new producer of the scene. Alex Ricardo with his friends Casari and Nik Ros have produced a third track contained in this release called “1969″.

All tracks have great percussions with powerful bassline and dirty grooves that makes this new release very very hot!

Exclusive on Beatport the 14th october 2013, don’t miss these groovy-tech tracks!

Check it out!

Release date: 14th October 2013

Catalog No.: SOUTHPARK059

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