Jairo Delli

Jairo Delli


Delli Jairo was born in Tenerife (Canary Island) represents the culmination of a metamorphosis of sound that joins past and present in a constant evolutionary process, a tenacious pursuit of what is hidden behind the smokescreen of creative convention.

The technical and acoustic display gives the audience in each of its meetings is but a reflection of his own character and laboriously polished maverick for years of wandering in the paths of art. Jairo is not a cold but his eyes kind we suggest an unbridgeable distance when we perceive his presence in the cabin. Behind her lurk just the echoes of an obsession for perfection through the forcefulness with which one attacks each of his sets, each of its risky somersault without a net balancing between courses.

Because time has proved right and that timid adventure began at 96, when the sun of the Canaries were born and grew styles legendary Old Skool or Drum’n'Bass, has become a strong outward journey toward a promised land illuminated by the hypnotic musical roar of a bass drum, a box and a syncopated HiHat. And as time passes and events occur increasingly important on the agenda, Jairo delli has been advanced that few resist his audacity and the undeniable touch of fresh air in music eletronica resulting from their arrival on the scene and Canary Islands national levels. It did not escape the thousands of clubbers who packed the Arenal Sound festival site in Castellon, where Delli Jairo slipped among the ten most acclaimed DJs from hundreds of young talent.
Nor were the thousands of ‘carnival’ which attended the last edition of the Carnival of Tenerife from this event of international significance for the Islands, where he shared the stage and feelings with Pacha Ibiza or Group with artists Matiee draft of Tuccillo Sebastian alex left Adrian Gamboa xela J.louis an audience ecstatic.

The bandwagon of an innate and insatiable nonconformity, Jairo Delli starts a new section in their particular obstacle to the goal of international recognition putting their noses with whom the gall-inspired walks on in the world of production. The result of such daring is named Six Sound Records, the label where your most precious treasures birthed after long hours of study and lattes and is already rubbing shoulders with the aristocracy electronic portals such as Beatport large.


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