JUST2 (Radu F & Mikael)



Radu F & Mikael, a duo formed by two young DJs/Producers, aged 17 and 18.
After almost a year of being on their own, period of time which brought them valuable experience, they formed this project, after realising they share the same sound. Thing are pretty much in fast-forward, in only 3 months from the beggining of this colaboration the two managed to sign with a series of labels, such as Wired(Enzo Siffredi) , Microtech Records(Ciprian Iordache & NSC) and Southpark Records (Kenny Ground).
The two are invited to some events in Bucharest but also in other cities throughout the country. They managed to be a part of a booking agency called Tech Factory Events, with whom they hope to leave an impression everywhere they play. 2011 brings the two a tight schedule, but they should be followed throughout the year, as they will acomplish great things.


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