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Manu Gonzalez is one of the young promises that Ibiza gives occasionally.

Born on the island in 1990,with only 22 years old, this young DJ and producer is now in reality within the electronic scene Balearic designated origin.His way of understanding the meaning Balearic music mixes electronic culture with the latest trends, quality tech house, groovy, cool and a bit underground, but always thinking about the dance floor.
That has been DJing regularly in the best clubs of the island, some of which are considered the best clubs in the world: Space Ibiza, Pacha Ibiza or Privilege Ibiza, among others, are normal places of its meetings for Gonzalez. But especially is an active part of The Face of Ibiza, the weekly session led by Baby Marcelo and DJ Oliver takes place at Privilege Ibiza(World biggest club),the club where he also showcases the best of his suitcase sharing the stage with artists like Solomun, John Digweed, MANDY, Supernova, Hernan Cataneo …

But all is not Ibiza,Manu also travels around the cities of Spain / Madrid,Barcelona,Valencia,Galicia.. as and clubs in countries like Austria, Mexico,Estonia,Edimburgh,Romania.. have had Gonzalez as guest DJ.It supplements his artistic face editing tracks on prestigious labels such as Natural Rhythm Berlin, Novo Music,Get Funky … played & supported tracks by artists like Luciano, Marco Carola, Dj Sneak.. among others. Also works for one of the bests electronic music radio station in the world: Ibiza Global Radio.

He is considered one of the youngests Dj/Producer who currently work on a hight level at the club culture… If u want to know something more about Manu,just follow him and be tuned!


Resident Advisor
The Face Of Ibiza

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