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Mario Miranda was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, In a Costa Rican-Cuban family in 1980. He started in music at the age of 14 playing the Drums. He studied Audio Engineer at Barcelona, Spain in the Microfusa Institute. In 2004 he started to produce music in Barcelona as well. Then after some years of experimenting samples and finishing some unreleased tracks, in 2007 Mario decides to contact Strike …Recordings (Alex Young) . Alex likes his style and releases his first track Limon EP, wich includes an Ahmet Sendil Remix. In that same year Mario releases “Cake EP”, this time in a bigger EP wich includes the Original Track and 5 remixes from, Carlo Lio, Andrea Roma, Ahmet Sendil, and others. Two remixes and the original track of this EP were in top dowloads in Beatport Charts. After this 2 EP’s Mario started working on more proyects with Ahmet Sendil, also for remixes for Stan Kolev and Dj Lion now with Bosphorus Underground Recordings. In this year Mario is co-working with Ahmet Sendil (Nominated for best
minimal artist, Beatport awards 2009) in many releases for Bosphorus Underground Recordings. Mario Miranda music is supported by: Ahmet Sendil, Alex Young, Stan Kolev, Dj Lion, Leeks, Federico Milani and others.

Experience In The Bands

After 2 years of playing drums he started his first band in 1996 called:Mod-Ska. The band grew fast and released their debut album in 1998 called “Hermanos”, there single got into the first positions in the local radios. After 4 years, Mario leaves the band and starts another proyect:Kadeho. By 2000 Kadeho releases their first album: “En Tierra Sukia”. Four singles were number one in Costa Rica, they also traveled to Mexico to a festival in Merida Yucatan. Then in 2003 the band released its second album “Hasta Que Vuelva a Amanecer”, they reached MTV Latinamerica with there single. Mario leaves the band in 2005 to make his own music proyect: Le* Pop, there debut cd: “Bendito Televisor”. Since that release Le*Pop has released 2 videos, both reaching MTV’s Latinamericas top ten, and catalogued as “The best independent Pop band In Latinamerica 2008” by MTV as well. This was right after the band got into a contest called “La Zona de Combate” by MTV, EMI and Smirnoff. The band won the contest between 2500 bands from Latinamerica. Now Mario is preparing the band’s 2nd album planned to be released by August 2009.



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