The first showcase vol.1 compilation coming soon with the best tracks and remixes of the last year released on Southpark Records – Exclusive on

This compilation out on february 2012 includes tracks and remixes from:
Wally Lopez, NTFO, Ron Costa, Mario Miranda, Roberto Palmero, Hollen, Luca M, Insinio, Kenny Ground, Dave Martins, Thomas T …and more.

Release date: 23 february 2012

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Showcase Vol. 1
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Watch the complete tracklist:
01: Dave Martins & Kenny Ground – Road to Madrid (Wally Lopez Remix)
02: Luca M – Old Times (Original Mix)
03: Kenny Ground – Balia (Ron Costa Remix)
04: Dave Martins – Deep Runner (NTFO Remix)
05: Luca M – Beverly (Original Mix)
06: Kenny Ground – Eleven (Roberto Palmero Hot Remix)
07. Dave Martins & Thomas T – Try Me (Mario Miranda Remix)
08: Thomas T – Catwoman (Original Mix)
09: Luca M – Don’t let you go (Original Mix)
10: Kenny Ground – Balia (Hollen Remix)

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