Southpark Records 061 - Cover

“Ugly People”

Lorenzo Navarro
“Ugly People”

Lorenzo Navarro is an artist who has already debuted on Southpark Records with remixes very strong.

His productions have already been released under labels such as ITH and Toolroom records, his style is very interesting and has a great technique!

This time it shows up on Southpark a new track very special. “Ugly People” is not the usual house song. It include a dirty spanish voice and a 303 ​​bassline that unfortunately is rarely used but always keeps the warmth of the old school house songs. The track is accompanied by 2 excellent remix of Kenny Ground & Loik Marras.

This release will be out exclusively on Beatport the 15th november 2013. Don’t miss it!

Check it out!

Release date: 15th november 2013

Catalog No.: SOUTHPARK061

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