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For producer and Dj Valero things could not be going better.

At the end of 2010 one of his productions where signed) from no one less then Yolanda Be Cool – (Valero and Schmuck – Munich Saxophone). For the firt time Valero makes himself internationaly know and can rely on the support of Internationaly know Dj’s, such as David Jones, Joshthefunky1 and Yolanda Be Cool.

Since then several international productions have been done. And with ” If Johnny only knew ” in August 2011 he had so far his greatest sucsess, storming several international charts, further more the entry in the Beatport Top 20 House Charts, aswell as into Playlists of hundereds of Radio Stations world wide. From Moskau to Gran Canaria. His Bootlegs refresh Dj – Sets and are recieving recognition and popularity in the World Wide Web.

His Releases are signed on Labels like Southpark Records, Funktion Records, Starlight Records, Pornostar Records, Do2Night, Bamboo, Hugh Recordings and more.


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