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Cristian Alexander Soto López Aka Alessan Main born the day 25 March 1991 in the Chilean city of Coihaique, at his young age his parents take him to live exactly pereira in colombia.

Alessan main (DJ & Producer) began his musical career at the age totally empirical 19, the beginning was very hard for him as for his lack of money was enough tools to start with the right foot in the music.
over time decides to start playing in bars and clubs in the city where its good environment has made it out of your current city and that people characterized by their excellent music and his undoubted technical to conduct a party of less more.

As regards their discography had great acceptance to the public and to other national and international dj and music is under seal very important internationally such as:
Heatflow / Lapsus Music / Witty Tunes / Sleep Is Comercial / Oblack Label/ Novo Music / Polar Noise / The Room /Pressure / K9 Records / Les Enfants / Konzentrisch / Sk Supreme / Jekos Music / Amethyp

And More:
The latter is his trademark Amethyp where acceptance has been good to everyone and that some of the tracks on sale have been in top 100 and chartered by very good and great artists internationally.
His influences are as follows: Alex Niggemann – Loco Dice – Marco Carola – Matthias Tanzmann – Reboot – Davide Squillace – Martin Buttrich – Ray Okpara – Luciano – Mirko Loko – Wehbba – Dubfire.


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