Southpark Records 077 - Cover release

“Aspartamus / Like This”

Ilario & Marttina
“Aspartamus / Like This”

Southpark Records continue his journey into the underground elements of music!

This time with a special duo from Barcelona. Founders of the great label “Rectangle Records”, Ilario & Marttina have developed for us two great tech masterpieces.

The first “Aspartamus” presents itself as a workhorse for all lovers of real bassline. The excellent percussion make this track really groovy! The second “Like This” retains the same exceptional groove with the addition of a very special voice and an arrangement really cool! These two tracks will come out on Southpark Records on October 6th.

A great EP for two big Spanish talent. Welcome to Ilario & Marttina in our family!

Check it out!

Release date: 06th october 2014

Catalog No.: SOUTHPARK077

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