Borja Maneje

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Borja, artistically known as Borja Maneje.
Borja’s career began in 2008, where
begins their relationship in any way with the night
electronic music and working as Relationship
Public of the best parties of Lanzarote.
It is curious then that advance
and discover it’s like to be in front of the public,
being responsible for moving an entire club.

In 2009, this young conejero starts working to
across the island and even get jump
Island Hopping sharing the stage with some of the
recognized DJs of the moment.

It is in 2010 when he decided to take a step further and start
make their own productions, which later
can be purchased at some of the digital stores
most important worldwide.

Borja has shared album with artists such
as John Acquaviva, Max Bett, Oxia, Ron Costa, Tim Baker,
Nicole Moudaber, Redondo, Super Flu and many others.
Editing your music discographies as important as Disco Royal,
Stolen Soul Music, Lust Recordings, SouthPark Records, Gimmick Records, Real State Records, Soulman Music, Timanfaya, etc…

It is in 2011 when he decided to create his own labels,
is when born earlier this year Vulcania Records
label created to raise awareness of artists from around the world
which show the deep and tech house styles. 
At the end of the year and happy with the wide acceptance of its
discography, decides to create Timanfaya, what will be its second
signature and which includes important artists in the scene,
opting for a more dynamic and groovy sound.

Borja is currently struggling every day to follow
fulfilling their dreams or at least keep trying.



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