Beneath Usual – No Clue EP / OUT 16th April 2021

Beneath Usual is the new project of Arnaud Levasseur, Sound engineer specialise in Mastering and Sound design at SFX Mastering studio and also the label manager of Microdrive. Created to design Deep Electronic Music with great minimalist Dub influence, this project is really dedicate to all underground music lovers. First time on Southpark Records, this fantastic 3 tracks EP will be released on all stores the 16th April 2021. Check this out!

Release date: 16th April 2021

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Dave Martins – Lumpa Lumpa EP / OUT 18th December 2020

A new Dave Martins production is ready to land off into the Southpark Records catalogue!

This time with two new original tracks in his typical groovy style and another remix from the Zürich based DJ and producer M.A. – Hope this release will amaze you, the music never ending, 2020 will never stop the music! Follow the groove.

Release date: 18th december 2020

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Dave Martins – The Frog EP (STPR105) / OUT 15TH JANUARY 2018

The Southpark owner return again with a new brand 3 tracks fresh EP!

The Frog is full of energetic rhythm and soft groove presents in every track. 3 new original!

Dave Martins is back with his unusual style, cool and elegant.

Listen these new tracks to get in his mood!

Thanks for support!

Release date: 15th january 2018

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Lorenzo Dotti – It’s Like That (STPR104) / OUT 24TH JULY 2017

A new and fresh release for Southpark Records signed by the Italian talent Lorenzo Dotti.

A groovy and energetic track called “It’s like that”! This is the original debut of this great artist on Southpark with a powerful remix from the top producer Franz Costa.

Support these great artists! Support the music!

Release date: 24th july 2017

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Yamil – Lightly (STPR103) / OUT 06TH MARCH 2017

Yamil is one of the most important talent worldwide and is a pleasure for us to release his track on Southpark Records!

A very strong guy with big passion for the music.

Already appeared on labels such as: Saved, Lapsus, Almibar, Natura Viva and more…

His last creation “Lightly” is an incredible track very well composed, a nice trip into a magic groove! With the original mix in this release we have a strong remix from Kenny Ground.

Release date: 06th march 2017

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Anton Djaneiro & Joao Ribeiro – Grab The Beat (STPR102) / OUT 09TH JANUARY 2017

Anton Djaneiro & Joao Ribeiro make the debut on Southpark Records with this new track “Grab The Beat”.

A very strong track with deep and dark elements that create a terrific groove on the dancefloor! Very solid groove created by these Spanish talents.

The release contains 3 versions, the main version another strong remix from JUST2 and a 3rd version from Kenny Ground.

“Grab The Beat” will be a powerful tool, don’t miss it…

Release date: 09th january 2017

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Mikalogic – The Hyve (STPR101) / OUT 31TH OCTOBER 2016

Southpark Record’s new release #101 signed by Mikalogic.

No Many words are need to describe Portuguese Deep & Tech- House Maestro, is currently one of the most established and respected World producers with over 400 tracks and remixes released on some of the most respected Electronic world Music Imprints!

“The Hyve” It’s proof of the high musical quality of this artist. A fantastic tech house trip made with deep elements and a nice strong rhythm in the main version by Mikalogic. This release include a dark remix from the Swiss producer Mirco Caruso.

The perfect halloween release!

Release date: 31th october 2016

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Various Artists – Southpark Records #100 (The Compilation) / OUT 26TH SEPTEMBER 2016

100 of these days! Southpark Records celebrates with you the release number 100! 7 years of hard work made with passion and love for the music! We are very pleased with this great achievement that surely will carry us to another unknown dimension.

We are very keen to thank all the people who helped to achieve this milestone and we hope that the future will take us forward with new perspectives always based on the love that we put every day for this fantastic art.

This big release contains our 10 best tracks released with the collaboration of great artists such as: NTFO, Hector Couto, Wally Lopez, Ron Costa, Just2, Luca M, Collective Machine, Mario Miranda and many others..

Thanks again to all of you for your continued support!

Passion, love, music… the rest is boredom. 100 times THANKS!!

Release date: 26th september 2016

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BHZ – Rattling Noise (STPR099) / OUT 04TH JULY 2016

The release # 099 is produced and composed by CEA and BHZ!

A new talented duo on the road who composed this track called “Rattling Noise”. Pure energy and a strong groove are the elements of this track accompanied with 3 remixes from Kenny Ground, Fernando Campo and Andlee.

A perfect package ready the 4th july on all stores worldwide! Don’t miss it!

Don’t miss this!

Thanks for your continues support!

Check it out!

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Dave Martins & Walter Albini – Eclettico / Freaky (STPR098) / OUT 30TH MAY 2016

Our release # 98 is signed by the duo Dave Martins and Walter Albini from Switzerland.

Eclettico is a new experiment track with great groove and a interesting voice inside! The original version is accompagnied by a remix from Dave Martins alone.

The second track “Freaky” sounds more funky but with the same good groove!

Don’t miss this!

Thanks for your continues support!

Check it out!

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Mitz Rawls – Make Em Wet / Out There (STPR097) / OUT 09TH MAY 2016

We are happy to introduce this new young talent from Rotterdam UK.

Mitz Rawls drop us these 2 cool tracks! Elegant groove, spectral voices and deep basslines are the fantastic elements of these productions.

A great EP from Mitz Rawls on Southpark Records. Enjoy!

Don’t miss this!

Thanks for your continues support!

Check it out!

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RC – My Name Is Dad (STPR096) / OUT 07TH MARCH 2016

We are happy of the return of this great artist on Southpark Records. RC!

Already in our catalogue, this time with a fantastic track called “My Name is Dad”. A fantastic deep journey with massive basslines and dark atmospheres.

A very good production from this spanish talent. With the original version there’s a cool remix from Dj Godoy!

Don’t miss this!

Thanks for your continues support!

Check it out!

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