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Kenny Ground, class 1982, discovered his feeling for the records player at the age of 14. During that time, his attention was turned to hip hop style that he would put aside little time after discovering House music.
The love for that style grew with time and even hif passion was limited to little domestic performance that help him to create a personal knowledge of the role of the dj that he still brings in any of his musical performance.
Dj, producer, sound technician and a real artist.

From 1996 to 2010 Kenny engages in multiple events and parties in clubs all over Switzerland. The most prominent being: Motion, StreetParade, Mainstation, Oxa, Extravaganza, Fame, Energy, Xtra (Spain), Papeete (Italy) and many more.
He became resident dj of all the best clubs in Ticino and a regular in radio shows on “Radio RTO” and “RTF”.

In 2005 Kenny opened Studio 54, a techno-underground club in the capital of the canton/state.
The club hosted a various number of international djs until its closure in 2008. A year before its closure, however, Kenny opened another great club of the area “La Fabrique”. For 2 years this club recorded a massive audience and hosted all the best artists of the international house music scene. From 2009 the work carried out in his two studios starts getting recorded and released. The first label is called “Enjoy Music” with which Kenny begins producing his own work after having remixed tracks for Leon Klein and Yves La Rock. Later the same year “Southpark Records”, a label with an underground trend, is born. Under this label a first release is created together with his colleague Dave Martins, who owns an exclusive remix of Wally Lopez. Kenny will be regularly releasing his work with “Southpark Records”.
At the moment, in 2010, Kenny is resident dj in the club leader in Ticino, “Vanilla Club”. Dozens of productions and remixes are coming out on multiple labels. All the information material on Kenny Ground can be found on the official website, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud, iLike, Discogs and Beatport.


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