Aurelio Puce was born in Messina, a romantic and sunny city of southern Italy.
He has been interested in sound of house music since he was a child, so he started performing in the most famous afterhours of the city, satisfying his public. A bit after, he started playing the console of Marabù of Taormina , one of the most desirable of the Nation; then he became resident of Bora Bora disco, and he is hosted by many Sicilian discos like: Privilege, 100%100, Mezzaluna and Old Fashion of Milan.
In addition he brags about productions with important record labels In 2011, with Ermes Coupe, he founds Esc!ama Records, with which he devotes to the making of cd about House, Tech e Deep kind, thanks to support of successful producers.
Now he is a resident with Gotama e With Love groups of Taitù and Marabù discos of Taormina.
His set are even-music evolving, that, with his charisma behind the console, are able to give that extra push.



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