Southpark Records 100 - Cover

“Southpark Records #100″

Various Artists
“Southpark Records #100″

100 of these days! Southpark Records celebrates with you the release number 100! 7 years of hard work made with passion and love for the music! We are very pleased with this great achievement that surely will carry us to another unknown dimension.

We are very keen to thank all the people who helped to achieve this milestone and we hope that the future will take us forward with new perspectives always based on the love that we put every day for this fantastic art.

This big release contains our 10 best tracks released with the collaboration of great artists such as: NTFO, Hector Couto, Wally Lopez, Ron Costa, Just2, Luca M, Collective Machine, Mario Miranda and many others..

Thanks again to all of you for your continued support!

Passion, love, music… the rest is boredom. 100 times THANKS!!

Release date: 26th september 2016

Catalog No.: SOUTHPARK100


01. Dave Martins – Deep Runner (NTFO Remix)
02. Kenny Ground – Balia (Ron Costa Remix)
03. Dave Martins – Natural (Hector Couto Remix)
04. Kenny Ground, Dave Martins – Road to Madrid (Wally Lopez Remix)
05. Luca M – Old Times (Original mix)
06. Fabier – Guarix (Collective Machine Remix)
07. Edgar VM – Get Up (JUST2 Remix)
08. Sante Sansone – Brooklyn (Kenny Ground Remix)
09. Dave Martins, Thomas T – Try Me (Mario Miranda Remix)
10. Biella & Astrall – Colombian (Kenny Ground Remix)

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