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Thomas T (alias Thomas Rusca), DJ, producer and sound designer, is passionate about all aspects and forms of music.
He has been cultivating his passion for the sounds of electronic music from a young age, and never fails to be fascinated by the multitude of sounds and rhythms that it can unleash. This soon led him to play at various clubs around Switzerland, France and Italy, with a positive response from the dance floor.

In 2002 he moved from Zurich to Milan and attended the international college S.A.E (School of Audio Engineering) where he learnt all of the theories and secrets for creating his own tracks. This positive experience led him to work with several recording studios and artists across a variety of musical genres.

In 2008, Waves Studio was created, driven by Thomas T’s ongoing necessity for and research into making music. Currently working with several independent labels in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, England and Italy as a music producer and Dj.

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